A week of Wildlife **slightly graphic**

Published February 14, 2015 by Cheeky Chihuahua

There is so much wildlife here its just amazing to observe everyday. you never really know what kind of animal will get blown in from  the storms or what kind of animal is lurking in the woods until there is something to eat around.

Here are a few shots from this week that my husband took. Just off our back doorstep.

This is a Merganser Duck I believe a group of them were blown in with the storm.


Sadly a seal showed up on the ice dead. but it did attract some visitors we only see in the summer.






The Eagles are not going hungry in this very cold winter, thanks to the Seal. He gave up hiss life but others are surviving because of him.


WoodPecker Puzzle

Published January 18, 2015 by Cheeky Chihuahua

Second Puzzle of 2015 proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. The shape was different than your normal ones and it proved to be much harder.

Its a Bits and Pieces puzzle measuring 20 x 27

purchased at Value Village, it is missing one piece but that could have been my  fault, either way it was a nice challenge.

Bits and Pieces puzzle, 750 Piece and it measures 20 x 27

Bits and Pieces puzzle, 750 Piece and it measures 20 x 27

willowcouchAnd here beside me is my constant companion Willow supervising the event.

First Puzzle 2015!

Published January 11, 2015 by Cheeky Chihuahua

I made a vow to at least do a few puzzles this year, I love doing them they allow me to slow down and breath and think about the puzzle itself. Its a very Zen activity I think. I have to do them slowly because of pain at times but thats even better for me.

This one took about a week of pecking at it. It has 750 Pieces. I’m on the hunt for a new puzzle to do. I usually find them unopened at Value Village or at a kids store here in Cape Breton, but I’m just realizing that there is a bunch of places on line to get them as well. Bits and Pieces is a website I found which is Canadian and has some really neat accessories for the Puzzle Lover.

Here is Puzzle number one. Its very pretty it has glitter on it which made the puzzle a little harder. It was a good pick for the first puzzle of the year. Anyone else still like doing the good old fashion Puzzle?


Harley VS the Seal

Published January 7, 2015 by Cheeky Chihuahua

Taking our morning walk this morning and what did we come across….another seal. This time very healthy unlike the first guy. He didn’t even know we were there, I don’t think they hear very well.


I think they come into this Harbour because it is so calm compared to just outside the mouth of the Harbour.


Hopefully I will be able to catch the Fox or Coyote that we have hanging around the property as well.

A few more shots of Harley wishing there was a way to get to that Seal……

harleyseal5   harleyseal

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